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Are you in need of an attorney to assist and advise you with respect to business matters?  With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of corporate and business matters, John P. Ryder has the knowledge and ability to guide you through any business issue, from the formation of a corporation, partnership or limited liability company, to shareholder, partnership and other agreements, to acquisitions and sales of property.  So if you are contemplating the formation of a new business, the acquisition of an existing company, or if you need legal assistance in general business matters, contact an experienced Nutley Corporate Lawyer today.

Formation of New Entity

If you are starting a new business venture, it’s wise to organize it properly from the outset.  Inherent in the structure of a corporation or an LLC is the concept that you want to protect your individual assets from creditors of the new company.  Mr. Ryder can advise you as to the appropriate structure for your new venture, whether it be a corporation, LLC or partnership.

Corporate Guidance

As an operating corporation, LLC or partnership, you will need guidance in preserving the integrity of the company and observing the formalities necessary to maintain the limits on liability that may be available, not only in the formation of the entity, but in the every day affairs of your venture.  Contracts need to be drawn, and the internal operation of the company should always protect the company from disputes and potential litigation.  An experienced corporate attorney is your best protection in these areas.

Sales, Acquisitions and Financing

At the Ryder Law Firm, we can advise you at all stages of a business transaction, from drafting a letter of intent, through the closing and post-closing process.  If financing is necessary, we can help, through our network of business and banking contacts.  Having an experienced business lawyer at your side can be invaluable.  If you are acquiring an existing business, you need protection against the seller turning around and competing with you – a properly drafted non-compete agreement will protect you.  If selling your business, you want to be sure that future obligations incurred by the buyer, as well as obligations assumed by the buyer, do not come back to haunt you after the fact.

These are just a couple of examples of how you can protect yourself against future problems by anticipating them in advance.  Don’t try to go it alone.  Call us to discuss your business transaction and receive the advice that will guide you safely through the process.


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