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Are you contemplating purchasing or selling a home in Nutley or anywhere in Essex County or northern New Jersey?  This may be the most significant financial transaction of your life.  If you are purchasing, it will also affect your lifestyle and the comfort of you and your family for years to come.  In order to insure that the transaction is handled correctly, from contract negotiation to financing to closing, you need an experienced real estate lawyer to guide you through the process.

At the Law Office of John P. Ryder, we have the qualifications and experience you want in your real estate attorney.  Mr. Ryder has been practicing real estate law for over 30 years, and his qualifications insure that your purchase will proceed flawlessly.  In addition to his years of practice, John Ryder has served in a number of capacities that significantly add to his qualifications:

     • John served as Assistant General Counsel to a national real estate developer.

     • He held the post of Nutley Township Attorney for years.

     • Mr. Ryder was the Acting Attorney for the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

No matter what the scope or particular challenges of your real estate acquisition, the Law Office of John P. Ryder is available to help.

What are the Steps in a Residential Real Estate Transaction?

While a residential real estate purchase is not generally a complicated transaction, there is much to be done by your attorney.  The steps are as follows:

  • Conference and analysis of client objectives.  Mr. Ryder will personally meet with you so that he can understand your goals and any particular issues that you believe may arise during the course of the transaction.
  • Drafting of and/or revisions to the real estate contract.  The real estate agent will usually present you with a form contract to sign, which allows you to add or delete items.  Once signed, the “attorney review” period begins, and it is essential that you contact an experienced real estate lawyer to review the form contract, and either replace it or amend it to reflect your wishes, including issues that may not have occurred to you when you were asked to sign the agreement originally.
  • Contract negotiations and modifications.  The contract negotiations may go back and forth for a few days, ultimately resulting in an agreement satisfactory to both the purchaser and the seller.
  • Due Diligence monitoring.  During the time between the finalization of the contract and the closing of the transaction, there will be a home inspection, mortgage application and other items, all of which have time periods for completion set forth in the contract.  Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the various contingencies must be monitored by your attorney.
  • Title Report Review.  The report of title from the title insurance company will contain terms and conditions that must be satisfied in order to transfer clear title to the property.
  • Mortgage Lender Compliance.  The new lender will impose a number of conditions on the financing of the residence.
  • Closing of Title and Closing of Mortgage.  Your attorney will appear at the closing and insure that all necessary conditions have been met and that all papers are properly prepared and signed.

Real Estate Attorney in Essex County

At the Law Office of John P. Ryder, we specialize in real estate transactions, including residential real estate purchases, sales and financing.  Our experience of over 30 years insures that your real estate transaction will be handled properly no matter what the particular circumstances are.  Contact us with regard to your real estate needs.

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